Eating at Jing's Bao (Richmond Hill)!

2:46:00 PM

Dear Foodies,

For this foodie adventure, my partner found this new restaurant, Jing's Bao, actually near my workplace. I had been very busy at work and haven't ventured out into the area for food exploration. The Jing's Bao place replaces a former Chinese noodle restaurant, RIP.

The restaurant wasn't too large and seated about 5 4 seat tables. There was a drink dispenser machine which was unusual for Chinese restaurants. Water was free but cost money to purchase the container.

In regards to the food, I ordered an assortment of dishes including the signature "bao", wonton dumpling soup, cold noodles, veg buns and hot noodle soup. The cold noodles reminded me of a taiwanese cold noodle dish but the noodles were overcooked to the point of very soft texture. Everything other dishes was okay taste (not fantastics). I was expecting the "bao" to be the highlight of the meal... However, it wasn't. There was a some hot soup inside. However, there was a ton of dough in the bottom middle of the bao which made it too chewy and crunchy at the base. I also wished there was more meat.

If you had tried Sang-Ji Fried Bao, their baos were definitely much better tasting 100%. I don't think I would be returning again. 

PS. Parking here was horrible. Go directly to underground parking and don't fight with the Asians for a space on the surface.

Jing's Bao
505 Hwy 7 East. Unit 65,66

Food Pictures:

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