Visiting Yang's Braised Chicken Rice (North York location)

12:02:00 PM

For this foodie adventure, the family wanted to visit some place new where we haven't eaten before. With some google, my partner suggested visiting this braised chicken place nearby.

The decor was pretty good and clean.

For the appetizer, we ordered seaweed salad, tofu and egg, and sliced potato salad. The seaweed salad had a sweet/salty flavour and was very well balanced. The slice potato salad was amazing with this semi spicy chili sauce. I would 100% get this dish again. The tofu and century egg was equally good and would also get again.

For the main course, there were basically two options - braised chicken with bone and without bone.  I ordered the bone for the family  I believe that the trending in restaurant these days is to go for boneless chicken (ex. KFC). The chicken was very soft and wonderfully braised with this sweet soya flavour.  The sauce the chicken was simmering in was pretty good. It also comes with a huge bowl of rice. The cost could add up depending on how many additional items you add to customize your chicken bowl ($1.99 each).

Service was good and attentive. Everyone was very nice and friendly. The staff were extra nice to my cuties.

Overall, I would come back but when they have the other two mains available and with more people to try their other side dishes/appetizers.

Unit3-5285 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5R3

Food Pictures:

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