Visiting Wilmot Farm for Blueberry Picking!

12:31:00 PM

For this foodie adventure, I had brought my family out to Wilmot Farm for blueberry picking. The cuties seem to love eating blueberries and thought they needed some kind of activity to exhaust their infinite energy supply. Picking blueberry was perfect!

They have various types of blueberries but my family was totally focus on the sweetest blueberries for the picking - the Jersey berries. Totally sweet and no hints of sour notes.

Suggested to bring your own buckets which they weight before entering. They charge only the weight of the berries you picked (forgot the price). The price wasn't expensive and similar to supermarket pricing for fresh berries. There was a falcon show in the morning which they used to scary birds from eating their crops. They have washrooms as well as a food center which they sell other related blueberry products. The blueberry ice cream was very well known and bought some for my kids to try. It has a more milky flavour and was noted to be organic as well. I have never tasted anything similar to this from local supermarkets. I totally regretted not purchasing the ice cream in bulk from my last trip here. I promised to myself that I won't forget!

I ended up half eating the blueberries as snacks and the other half to make jam. The cuties seem to love the jam so much! I will have to pick 4 boxes full for next time for canning!


3337 Concession Rd 3, Newcastle, ON L1B 0N1
(1 hour away from Toronto)

Foodie Pictures:

Buy the pint to go!!!

amazing blueberry ice cream

Hi Birdy!

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