Trout Fishing in Toronto! (Burd's Family Fishing)

12:16:00 PM

I had the opportunity to organize a fishing trip for my department. I had learnt everything about fishing from my parents. After talking to my colleagues, it seems like many of them never learned or had an interest in fishing or provided a background to get into this sport. You get to develop a lot of patience fishing. I came to Burd's Family Fishing farm a while back as a child and glad that they are still doing well!

Burd's Family Fishing farm is a family operated business with two large ponds (lower and upper). The lower pond has smaller fish while the upper pond has larger fish (> 1lb). Everything you catch, you must keep. Normally when you come as a customer, you pay per lb the amount of fish you catch. They will descale the fish and put it on ice for you.

The owner was nice and gave an introduction on how to use fishing rods as well as putting on baits (worms or synthetics). The rest was up to us to catch our dinners!

Overall, the team had fun and would open to doing more fishing in the future! A plus was that everyone had fish to cook in the evening :)


My Biggest Catch of the Day!


My fish stored in the cages

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