Visiting Xing Fu Tang (bubble tea in Richmond Hill)

5:30:00 PM

For this bubble tea adventure, I gave up bubble tea about 7 months ago. However, I was willing to try bubble tea again for something new/different. There was this new store called Xing Fu Tang that arrived in the work neighbourhood. 

There are so many MANY bubble tea stores and varieties in Toronto. What makes this one so special?? This brand is known for its unique stir-fried brown sugar pearls, which are hand-made and cooked in front of customers. This brand, Xing Fu Tang, started expansion from Taiwan (birth place of bubble tea) into Canada. 

Thoughts on Food:
The bubble tea and bubbles are very similar quality to other bubble tea stores in the area (Ten Rens, Coco, etc). The brown sugar flavour drink (with milk) is a new perspective on bubble tea. My first taste was very sweet and different. If you consume this drink more, it will probably become more average in flavour. I would say try one if you hadn't had this flavour before.

Times Square, 550 Hwy 7 Unit 51, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Z4  

 Foodie Pictures:


Fresh Bubbles!

My future doesn't match in either languages...

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