Trying "Durian Cake" from Daan Go Cake Lab

12:52:00 PM

For this foodie adventure, I had heard about Daan Go Cake lab from social media. The former Canadian Top Chef contestant, Christopher Siu, opened this business while still doing this full-time pharmacy gig. I saw viral images of this Durian cake going around and I love durian. Some people puke when they smell the fruit but for me, it is the complete opposite. 

The "Gold Thorn" sells for $40 (CAD). It isn't a big cake and their recommendation is for 5 people. I think personally I can eat the entire cake solo. It looked like a real durian and actually tasted like a durian (think durian mousse).  

Would I get this again? Maybe for special occasions but definitely not for everyday eating! Would you buy this?

3380 Midland Ave #11, Scarborough, ON M1V 5B5

PS: They are also known for their cute but PRICY macarons. I always seem to be a sucker for these macarons and tried all of them ...

Foodie Pictures:


Replaces the former Hair Salon in Scarborough

the analysis of the Durian Cake
Too pretty to eat?

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