Helping at Richmond Hill Food Bank!

3:11:00 PM

Dear Foodies,

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank is an independently run, non-profit, non-government agency, founded to provide temporary emergency food assistance to those in need. Our strength is found in the generous support of the citizens of Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Maple as well as in the community and faith-based groups, corporate supporters, and our staff of volunteers. 

I had recruited a bunch of engineers to come down to the food bank and help out with sorting. There was always a large crunch of donations before the holiday season. 

They are always in need of large bottles or cans of juice/drinks; dried bagged beans; peanut butter; jam; canned tomatoes, stew or vegetables; instant coffee; crackers and cookies; boxed macaroni and cheese dinners; small bottles of cooking oil. 

Sometimes, we do take food for granted and want to make sure people and someday my cuties (when older) to know and see this. They aren't great eaters and like to waste food.

55 Newkirk Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3G4


Salt Bags!

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