Review - Eating Pasta at the Game of Cheese Restaurant (Hwy 7, Thornhill, Ontario)

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For this awesome lunch adventure, my foodie colleague and I decided to visit the new restaurant called Game of Cheese! It replaced the cursed restaurant of Grand Noodle at the Commerce Gate plaza on Hwy 7. Originally, I thought Kinton Ramen was going to replace this entire space but I was wrong.  I had a lot of mixed feelings visiting because I had visited this location with all the previous failed restaurants. With my stomach roaring for food, I went off to find the grub!

The Game of Cheese had the exact seating layout as the Grand Noodle restaurant. There were many window/seating booths all around the perimeter with individual seats/tables in the middle. There was an interesting mural on the south wall of these cheese figures mining cheese diamonds with a giant battle scene with some character sitting on the famous Game of Throne chair (made out of cheese). Every table had a black table top with a Game of Cheese character motif on it.  Overall, the décor was nice and relaxing.

Update: Designer of the Game of Cheese restaurant was Evelyn Tsai. You can find her Instagram account here.

The staff were very friendly and delivered the food quickly. There was Wi-Fi available on site (password = phone number). For this soft visit opening, there was 10% off entire bill OR $2.99 promotion for the Carbon-Slush drink. Lastly, this was a cash only restaurant (maybe to change in the future).


The menu had a lot of options for pasta with cheese and individual fondue pots with cheese. I would say the food was mostly Italian based with no Asian influences.

For starters, we decided to order the Carbon-slush drink. We totally agreed that the Carbon-slush drink was a poor name as we were thinking of the Carbon element (black colour). The staff explained it was carbonation in the drink resulting from the Sprite and Club Soda mixture. We ordered the guava carbon slush with strawberry sorbet and passion fruit carbon slush with lychee sorbet. Contrary to online yelp reviews, there was no sprite or club soda to pour on top of our drinks. The drinks had the sorbets with mixtures of dice fruits (strawberry, cantaloupe) stacked in a thin tall glass cup. The sorbets were definitely delicious and refreshing. The drinks were Instagram pretty but difficult to consume with the layering of ingredients. For $2.99, the drink was definitely worth trying but at the regular price $6.99, I would pass.

For the main food, we ordered pasta: Cavatelli with Lamb Ragu ($12.99 CAD) and Orecchiette with Italian Sausage ($11.99 CAD).  The staff brought out the hot skillet with the pasta meal. My dish, cavatelli pasta, was delicious with large portion (enough for 2 people). There was many pieces of chunky lamb meat with a couple pieces of vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower.  The tomato sauce with the ricotta and pecorino cheese was good match with the al dente pasta.  On a similar note, the orecchiette was perfectly matched with the sausage and cheese (mozzarella and pecorino).

 This is the most Italian looking pasta coming from an Asian run restaurant. Honestly, the Italian pasta was really good; I would definitely come back to try their other menu items. It was great to have something non Asian for food on Hwy 7.

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: March 2017
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3/5

Food Photos:

Orecchiette with Italian Sausage ($11.99 CAD)

So cheesy and good!

2 Carbon Slush Drinks!
Non-Food Photos:
Located at the cursed corner of Commerce Gate beside Kinton Ramen

Cute Piggy eating cheese

I actually like this mural - makes more sense than the other restaurants (ex Spicy Mafia)

typo on the instagram name!

Server brought this over for the pasta - so we knew something heavy was coming

Name:Game of Cheese
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Pasta, Fondue with Cheeses
Address:505 Hwy 7, Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1, Unit 50
Phone:(905) 597 1317
Menu URL:

Game of Cheese Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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