Indian Mangos in Toronto

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I have been on a mango binge recently with couple visits to multiple supermarkets in Toronto. For this year, I really wanted to try the Indian mangos (directly from India) - not be confused with the species grown from Jamaica called East Indian Mangos. Since I missed out on last year's shipments, I decided to be proactive and start early.

Alphonso Mangos!

Why Indian Mangos?

Is a mango just a mango? Do all mangos taste the same? Based on the feedback of a few foodies, not all mangos are created equal. I was curious myself since I have always tried the standard Mexican mangos (Ataulfo) with some Haden mangos (seeded in Florida).  Was there really more to the typical mango? There was only one way to find out.

According to one of local grocer, he said that the Indian mangos are grown in unique areas that give it the unique taste (based on weather, soil conditions and water). The mangos require the hot weather conditions to grow. Once the monsoon season hits the mango tree, there will be no more mangos for the rest of the year :(

Alphonso Mango (considered as "King of Mangos")

This was the first mango that I acquired this year. Definitely superior in varieties in terms of sweetness, richness, and flavour.  My first cut into the mango revealed a strong floral aroma as well in taste. It definitely has like a chai spice flavour taste with the very orange pulp colours. My mind was completely blown away at how different this mango is compared to the generic ones at supermarkets. I can see why people would pay $2 each for a mango and why these mangos sell out quickly (sometimes by end of day)

Kesar Mango

I had just sampled this mango today and it was very similar to the alphonso mango. My mangos were slightly smaller than my alphonso but extremely sweet like candy. The mango had a very bright orange coloured pulp.

Where to Find Indian Mangos in Toronto:

These would be my go to places for Indian Mangos in April-Early June timeframe. There are probably a few more locations in Toronto (please feel free to email me to let me know).

Fine India Grocers - 3040 Don Mills Rd E, North York, Ontario, M2J 3C1
    • Available Species: Kesar, Alphonso, Badami
    • I would call ahead to reserve a box or couple :)
    • Kesar and Alphonso are sold by boxes (typically 12 mangos for $25 CAD)
    • Badami by weight

Iqbal Halal Foods - 2 Thorncliffe Park Dr. #5, East York, Ontario, M4H 1G9
    • Available Species: Kesar, Alphonso, Rajapuri
    • Sold by boxes - might have the chance to switch the mangos around with different boxes
    • Sold in boxes of 6 mangos

Bombay Bazaar - 7657 Kennedy Road, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0L7
    • Available Species: Kesar, Alphonso
    • Sold by boxes

Note: Sometimes, there are other non-Indian supermarkets that may sell the Indian Mangos. However, the availability is out of the blue. Examples include Sunny supermarket (located at Finch and Leslie) and No Frills.


Is it worth trying the Indian mangos? Definitely! Is it expensive? You have to buy a box of at least 6 or 12 mangos. If too much for your budget - you can always find other foodies to split them. Just remember, the season doesn't last that long...

Pictures of Mangos
Kesar, Alphonso and 2 Badami mangos

Orange Pulp of Alphonso!

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