Hand Pulled Noodles at Big Beef Bowl (Hwy 7 Location)

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For this awesome lunch adventure, I discovered this new restaurant (via Instagram) at the Hwy 7 Peachtree Centre near Hwy 7 and Kennedy. The "Big Beef Bowl" restaurant appeared right beside Moji Japanese Eatery and replaced another noodle restaurant. This is the 2nd location in Toronto with the first located right on Yonge/Sheppard area with many positive reviews. Since I rarely have time to visit the Yonge location with the limited seating, this new location was a blessing for me (especially near work).

The restaurant looked very simple and clean with very minor renovations compared to the previous noodle house restaurant. There were 2 window booths for seating with the rest of the restaurant having wooden tables and wooden stools for seating. For this meal time, they kept the door open and got a lot of draft wind coming in … I wished that they had turned the heat on.

There was one front-line server who was ready serve our needs. He was constantly watching us at the beginning.

Lanzhou-style noodles have become very popular within Toronto and it was nice to see another new addition into the neighborhood with the introduction of "Big Beef Bowl.". For this lunch gathering with the foodies, we ordered the classic beef  (L = $8.99) and braised beef brisket (L = $8.99) with a side dish of chicken heart BBQ skewers ($2.99).
There are 6 options for the noodle sizes ranging from round (thin, regular, thick) to flat (thin, regular, thick). We all got mostly flat thick style.

The chicken heart BBQ skewers took about 15 minutes to come but they were definitely worth the wait. The chicken hearts were marinated with this sweet soy sauce. When grilled quickly on high heat, they were tender morsels with a surprisingly red meat taste. In texture, they were softer than you might expect with a hint of bounciness like fresh squid. I totally regretted not ordering more!

For the main attraction, the noodles dishes arrived and were served in these massive bowls. There were PLENTY of noodles (flat thick style) inside and definitely not a lot of brisket meat. With these portions, I would have definitely ordered the regular sizing. The texture of the noodles were the perfect balance (just al dente). The fresh soup was definitely the star of the dish. The broth was very complex with multiple flavours including Szechuan peppercorns.


Would I come back? Definite yes!

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date:March 2017
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

Food Photos:

Braised Beef Noodles!

Chicken Hearts!

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Name:Big Beef Bowl
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Lanzhou Noodles
Address:8362 Kennedy Rd, Unionville, ON L3R 9W5
Phone:(905) 470-7575
Menu URL:

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