Lunch at Yin Ji Chang Fen (Markham, Ontario)

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For this foodie lunch adventure, my colleagues and I were hungry and wanted something to eat. I had a recommendation from @Richiebearington to try out this place on Steeles and Warden. The restaurant suggested was Yin Ji Chang Fen - with the name mostly meaning rice noodle roll. If a restaurant places emphasis on a dish within their name, it must be good right? To verify the claim, we ventured out to this place for food!

Parking can be sometimes crazy in this T&T plaza. Best to come quickly and have patience circling around like it was boxing day. The restaurant was located at the plaza building closest to Warden And Steeles. At lunch time, this was filled to the limit with customers. We probably waited 15 minutes before we got a full table for our party size. The placed looked newly renovated with white walls and laminate gray wood flooring on the ground.

I wouldn't expect much for service - very Asian service treatment. If the table was dirty, the servers performed a quick cloth wipe on the table.  It was hard to flag them to take orders and get the final bill.  From the online Yelp reviews, it might help if you speak Cantonese or Mandarin but we had no issues in English for this adventure.

This restaurant chain is the first in Canada. This chain originated from Guangzhou city (in Guangdong province), China since starting in 1958. "Yin" was the master maker of the rice noodle roll.

On the menu, there were various options for rice noodle rolls with some signature recommendations. In addition, they had the tradition congee dishes with common Asian toppings. For this lunch journey, we ordered a huge assortment of rice noodle rolls with the price average around $5 CAD per roll dish:

  • Beef and Shrimp Roll
  • Chicken Slice Roll
  • Shrimp with Chives Roll
  • BBQ Pork with Chives Roll
  • Beef with Chives Roll with Extra Egg and Extra Meat
  • Chicken Congee
  • Fried Dough Sticks

Normally, rice noodle roll is served as a snack, small meal or sometimes as a dish sum dish. For this lunch, it became our main meal. Some of the rice noodle roll dishes came with too much or too little soy sauce. I would have preferred that they provided a side bottle of sauce for your usages. With the multiple combinations for the rice noodle rolls, they were all soft and chewy. I personally like the ones with different meats due to the texture/taste contrast. Embedded in these rolls were the green lettuce leaves. I never had this variation at Toronto dim sum restaurants. The greens added a surprising crunch texture to the rolls.

Overall, the rice noodle rolls were delicious and would recommend to anyone craving them here. I wouldn't get anything else on the menu. With the influx of people coming in for lunch, I doubt this place will be closing anytime soon.

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: March 2017
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3/5

Food Photos:

Extra Egg with Extra Meat


Fried Sticks

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Name:Yin Ji Chang Fen
Price Range:$$
Address:7010 Warden Avenue Unit 17-18 - Markham, ON
Phone:(905) 307 2688
Menu URL:

Yin Ji chang Fen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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