Eating Lunch at Touro Churrascaria (Richmond HIll, Ontario)

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I had the opportunity to visit Touro Churrascaria a few times due to business related work lunches. Touro Churrascaria is one of the few Brazilian Steakhouses in Toronto. Having tried a few before, I was excited to visit another.

The restaurant was located at the large plaza filled with restaurants on Commerce Valley East in the Richmond Hill area. Inside the business, the decor was very slick with the dark themes with large tall ceilings. I loved the LED globe lights. There was so much room inside the building that you can invite large teams here for lunch or dinner (which we did). At the center front of the restaurant sat a large salad bar station where you can grab mostly non-meat items to accompany your plate.

The servers were very friendly and they were patience in explaining the delivery of meats using the red/green circle pad. They were extra friendly by supporting our requests at the end of the meal for custom meats/fruits. For one lunch seating, we probably spent 3 hours there and were the last customers. My foodie colleague was still hungry!

This restaurant was all you can eat for meats. There was a large salad bar available with many varieties of greens and salad dressings and toppings. They also offered cheese with assorted meat cuts with soups and cooked meatballs.

In regards to the all you can eat meats, the servers would periodically come to you every 5-10 minutes. At the start of the menu, you were given a circle pad with green and red side. With the green side facing up on the circle pad, the servers knew that you wanted meat. If you had the red showing, you were basically saying don't give me anything. For lunch, they had the following cuts available:

  • Picanha
  • Top Sirloin
  • Flank Steak
  • Parmesan Sirloin
  • Garlic Steak
  • Beef Ribs
  • Pork Sausage
  • Pork Ribs
  • Chicken  Legs
  • Chicken Wings
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Pineapple
Overall, the meats were tasty and delicious. I personally loved the leg of lamb and chicken. My personal favourite was the pineapple covered in the brown sugar with cinnamon. The roasting of this fruit was to die for with the caramel glaze.

Would I come back again? Definitely. Lunch time was around $25 with dinner costing $50. My engineering teams all agreed that it was one of the best buffets we had in a while (compared to the other restaurants in the area).

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: March 2017
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Service Rating: 4.5/5

Food Photos:
leg of lamb!

free cheese bread

The Chicken was just amazing

roasted pineapple! (no pen available)

juicy pork ribs

Non-Food Photos:
Grand Entrance

So much room!

GREEN = give me more meat


Lots of salad options

Lots of Salad options

So much Salad options

Name:Touro Steakhouse
Price Range:$$$
Address:125 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4
Phone:(905) 7386876
Menu URL:

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