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Took the family out to shop at Ikea near lunch time. We had many meals at Ikea before and decided to try out something new. Decided to venture to the North York Empress area and found this "Chinese Burger" place near Sharetea and Sushi Bong (heard of bad stories here).

It was a very small shop with no restrooms. This place can fit maximum 15 people. The décor was very random and funky with the antiques on the wall. The wood tables had metal pipes as legs. Parking in this plaza was $1 for every 15 minutes.

There was only 1 frontline staff but he was very helpful and quick. The restaurant got a lot of take out offers and he mostly assisted with these orders.

This restaurant was named Chinese Burger or 'rou jia mo' in Chinese pinyin. The world's first hamburger wasn't invited in US or Germany. It came from China (like everything else - salt production, noodles, chop sticks, … ). The Chinese hamburger consisted of chopped meat inside a pita-like bun and have been around since Qin Dyntasty (221 BC). The rou jia mo came from the Shaanxi Province of China and it's eaten around the world. The meat consisted of mostly chopped pork, beef, lamb of chicken stewed with some spices. I had tried versions in China with herb toppings of green onions or cilantro. As for the bun, it consisted of a simple mixing of flour, water and yeast.

From online Chinese reviews, people highly suggested the pork burger ($4) and the duck noodle soup ($8). We also ordered at the beginning the pickled potatoe slices ($4.5) as a starter.

The pickled potatoe slices were very good with a slight heat to them. It was unfortunate that they couldn't make it non-spicy (kids wanted to try some).

The pork burger was incredible with the first bite. The texture of the bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The pork meat was fatty and juicy at the same time. I could smell butter to enhance the flavour in the bread. With one bite, it was impossible to stop eating.  Since the kids were naturally eating more (normally not the case), we ordered the beef burger as well ($5). This burger was kind of a letdown and didn't have impact as the pork burger…

In regards to the duck noodle soup, this was a surprising hit. The soup was very flavorful and could find large pieces of duck meat within the soup base. The glasses noodles were a complimenting pair for this dish.  You would also find the bean curds and pork blood parts within the soup.

Definitely would come back here to try other food items! The first burger was amazing and there were constant lines of people ordering takeout. It was so strange that the restaurant became busy at non-lunch hours...

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date:March 2017
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3/5

Would get the pork burger x 2 with your noodle order

Food Photos:
Pork Burger - very tasty - can smell that butter

Shredded pickled potatoe

Duck Noodle Soup with non original wheat noodles

Duck Noodle Soup with Glass Noodles

Beef Burger - not as good ...

Non-Food Photos:

Name:Chinese Burger
Price Range:$
Cuisine:Shaanxi Style Chinese Food
Address:Unit 23, 15 Northtown Way, North York, ON M2N 7A2
Menu URL:

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