Eating Lunch at Bhai's Indian Canteen (Richmond Hill, Ontario)

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I found this new restaurant in the Richmond Hill area through Jen. In the Richmond Hill area, there are always new restaurants coming and going. Since I had an open time slot for lunch, I decided to venture out to try out this new vegetarian Indian restaurant called "Bhai's Indian Canteen."

This restaurant was located at the corner of the building with the old Richmond Hill movie cinema. The décor of the restaurant was clean and unique in presentation. The brown palettes were everywhere in the themes. There were many booth seating all around the windows with one large table in the center of the restaurant.

There was one main server in the front of the restaurant. He was very helpful in questions in regards to recommendation and selection. It was unfortunate that he wasn't available at times as the lunch service was filled with customers. They did provide free wifi for customers (more browsing time on facebook and IG).

This establishment was a new restaurant setup by the same people who run "The Host" with a large focus on vegetarian food. I have to admit that I will eat everything. I don't mind trying out even just vegetarian foods. 

Since there was a special tiffin lunch special (all for the same price for $13.50), I decided to try one. The server recommended the Choley sholey tey palak panner (chick pea + spinach paneer - original $14). This meal set was served with salad and rice with bread (nan or tawa roti). It was very unfortunate that the server didn’t offer me a choice to choose the bread. FYI, Tiffin is a term normally referred to as a snack or sometimes a packed lunch.

I waited 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins … 50 mins for my meal to come. It was quite agonizing especially since I had an upcoming management meeting and didn't want to be late! By this time, I was very hungry and thought that I might be biased on the food. The meal set did finally come via bronze/copper tiffin boxes - which looked presentable. The server provided a slide plate of tawa roti. Everything went downhill after the arrival.

In each of the tiffin boxes, I received the following: spinach cheese, simple cut vegetables, chick peas and long grain rice. The spinach and chick pea dips were average tasting. The vegs were just plain vegetables (carrots and cucumbers). The basmati rice was very disappointing (very conflicting textures of soft to hard grains).

Once I finished the meal, I was rushing to pay the bill immediately. The server informed me that the chef was well aware of the very late delivery and decided to offer a complimentary dessert to me.  I was naturally curious and accepted the dish (Gulab Jamun - I normally call it sugar tim bit in syrup). I have seen this dish with balls but this was rectangular in shape in a HOT syrup pool. This dish was satisfying in a strange way since it helped tone down the heat I was feeling from one of the dishes (not sure which one).


Overall, the service should have been faster! In regards to the food, I didn't think it was worth $13-14 dollars for the 2-star dishes in the Tiffin. There are many other Indian restaurants in the area providing something of same quality with better price point.

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: February 2017
Food Rating: 3/5
Service Rating: 2.5/5

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Name:Bhai's Indian Canteen
Price Range:$$
Address:8-115 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4
Phone:(905) 731-7272
Menu URL:

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