Valentine's Day Dinner At Ikea (North York, Ontario)

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For this valentine day, my SO and I decided on visiting Ikea to try out their Valentine's Day dinner. With no babysitter, this event was more of a family dinner (as usual). I would have love to do a three star Michelin restaurant but got to sacrifice certain lifestyles & expectations once you have children.

I remembered the past with trying to bring the children to high-end restaurant for a meal. It turned out that they couldn't behave too well ...

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: Feb 2017
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 4/5

Ikea Canada (North York location) was featuring a romantic evening on February 14 with live music band and three-course meal. The price was about $40 per couple. There was an Ikea employee trying to sell the Valentine Day tickets near the entrance of the food court area (2nd floor). Once we bought our ticket, they provided us the appetizer plates and led us down to a separate area (still in the food court but covered with a curtain). The tables tops were all decorated with red cloth and a live band was set up near the windows. They filled the whole food court area with romantic music. Many thanks to Steve's Quartet for live entertainment.

The Ikea staff were very well coordinated and helpful. I was very surprised at how greatly run the operation was for Ikea. I switched up the orders as well for the entree. The staff provided our children an extra departing gift as well :)

Honestly, I wasn't expecting wonderful tasting food at Ikea. I have seen many of their food court items made from frozen/packages. For appetizers, they provide seafood bites with a plate of salad. I wasn't too impressed with this dish with the bread feeling a little soggy (probably from all that sitting). The entrees took some time to order with the staff. You were given a choice of either steak, salmon parcels or spinach & cheese cannelloni.

We decided to get steak and salmon. I got the baked salmon package with the lentils and greens entree. This was a simple dish but packed with many flavours. The fish was well seasoned with a small kick within the parchment paper. The flavours were intensified within with the vegs and beans. My SO really liked the steak entree. There were a lot of mash potatoes topped with mushroom cream gravy and roasted asparatus.

Lastly, dessert was a simple strawberry shortcake with surprise present (gummy hearts)! Beverages were included and they offered coffee, tea or fountain drink from the dispensing station.

Overall, I loved my main entree and the service was fantastic (especially by Ikea standards). The live music was a bonus for the evening. Have to thank the band and Ikea staff for organizing a pleasant dining experience.

Food Photos:

Salmon baked parchment entree

Steak Entree

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Fresh Strawberry shortcake

Departing Gift for Dessert (Gummy Hearts)

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Name:Ikea Canada (North York)
Price Range:$$
Address:15 Provost Dr, North York ON
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