Cooking Class at MLG Loblaws Eat Nake Event

2:19:00 PM

I was given the opportunity by Loblaws to attend a cooking class event (on Sunday morning) being hosted at the Maple Leaf Garden Loblaws location. The theme was on Eat Nake with a focus on cooking and eating simple fresh ingredients from nature.

Had the pleasure of Chef Matthew Kennedy teaching us how to make a simple salad with dressing from scratch using simple ingredients with egg omelet on the side. Everything was free to attend with random customers dropping in for the cooking class.

Overall, it was fun and entertaining cooking session. Thank you Loblaws for the invite!

Food Photos:

cooking class on the first floor

my final creation dish

the lecture for cooking

The hero pose - Chef Matthew Kennedy

Hanging Garden of spices

preparing the food for the cooking class

departing gift: tomato, carrot, lettuce seeds to grow

Very similar to my wall spice garden - looks pretty good

live lettuce wall

Outside Loblaws!

Name & Location: Loblaws 60 Carlton (former Maple Leaf Garden)

Disclaimer: This post isn't sponsored. However, my Instagram videos for the Eat Nake event are sponsored.

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