Thoughts on the Closure of "Grand Noodle" (Hwy 7)

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The two corners of the plaza at Commerce Gate always seem to change ownership every 1-2 years. Just recently, the Grand Noodle (my review) restaurant located closest to Hwy 7 corner was closed. Here are my thoughts on why this restaurant has to close doors.

  • Competition - Grand Noodle has a menu copy cat of Deer Garden Signature (my review). When you have presented two similar restaurants in the area, people would go to the other one with better and cheaper food even if there was a longer waiting line. Recently, Congee Queen introduced a similar noodle menu as well.
  • Name of the Restaurant and Expectation -  When I first heard of Grand Noodle, I was expecting really great tasting noodles (especially freshly made). Unfortunately, it wasn't the case. The noodles were bought and their noodle dishes weren't outstanding in flavour and complexity. From the Yelp reviews, their most popular/famous dish was their submarine bread covered in a swimming pool of sauce ... So far from expectations
  • Taste and Pricing - Deer Garden Signature restaurant was offering similar meal propositions at discounted pricing with milk tea drink (free for hot, extra for cold). In addition, the food was much tastier compared to the food served at Grand Noodle.
  •  Arrogance and Management - Even though the owner of the restaurant received feedback about the poor quality of foods, no changes were made to pivot certain aspects of the restaurant (such as taste quality, pricing, advertising). 
 For 2017, Kinton noodles will be taking over Grand Noodle. Good Luck to them.

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