Thoughts on 2016 and 2017

2:46:00 PM


Goodbye to an eventful year and thankful for my family and close friends.

Surprisingly, my blog posts and Instagram (IG) activity have received a lot of attention (positive and negative from IG foodies). I have come to accept that most of the top postings on IG foodie hashtags are PR/advertised/sponsor postings. The data in the current form isn't usable unless you can filter postings. I plan to address this for 2017.

I recently had a lot to deal with feedings, diaper changes, taking care of children, sleeping, home maintenance and shopping. I had lots of thoughts but very little chances to post actively as I wanted.


For most people, I would use the end and start of a new year as a reflection milestone in terms of your successes and failures.  In addition to these outcomes, I would reflect on future dreams. For 2017, I plan on balancing the needs of my expanding family and challenges I plan to put upon myself.

Challenges for 2017

  • Support and improve my children's education
  • Grammar improvement 
  • Achieve weight target in April 2017
  • Find other paths for a 2nd monetizing route (target: $1k/year as a starting target)
  • Continue self-development for work by reading & studying (in social and technical areas)
  • Look to better improve TFSA investments
    • may add a financial component into the blogging
  • Do more home cooking at home with improved cooking skill
Happy New Year!

Meat from New Year party

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