Lunch at Soft Opening of Kinton Ramen (Hwy 7)

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Kinton Ramen has expanded north into the Markham area for the first time since their expansion in the downtown Toronto area. Kinton opens a new location on Hwy 7 at Commerce Gate beside the defunct Grand Noodle. The soft opening has been available for about a week and they officially open on 1/28 (Chinese New Year) with a free ramen give away to the first 88 customers (worht it??)

I called a Kinton to see if they were open for lunch and they were. I asked my team if they were interested in joining me for lunch. Surprisingly, everyone accepted the offer.

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: Jan 2017
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service Rating: 2.5/5

The main entrance was very hidden if you were used to coming to Commerce Gate plaza through east entrance. This restaurant was located beside the Grand Noodle business (closed). Similar to other locations, this location was much larger in seating. They had the similar decor with the wooden tiles on the wall with wood tables and wood block seats. There was a coat hanger at the entrance to store your winter jackets. The restaurant was filled with people for lunch but we managed to secure a table early.

The music in the background was fast loud dance trance. It was very annoying if you wanted to chat... I could tell some moms with their babies weren't too comfortable here.

There were a ton of staff but they seemed very lost. One dish took 30 minutes to come. The ramen took 40 minutes to come. At one time, they brought the wrong ramen dishes to our table ... (I should have just started eating it - lessons from Casa Manila).

The ordering of the ramen was simple with 4 steps. Step 1 - Pick Broth. Step 2 - Pick a flavor. Step 3 - Pick Noodle thickness. Step 4 (option) - pick additional toppings.

For this food adventure, my colleagues and I got Pork ($10.99) and Chicken broths ($11.99) with original flavoring. One of my colleagues got thick noodle while I got thin. The servers messed this up by giving me the thick noodle even though we had heard her say this was "thin" ...

To start off the meal, we ordered the Original Karaage ($8.3). This fried chicken was tasty and juicy. The chicken was coated in a very light batter and fried. The simple mayo dip was a good compliment to the hot chicken.

As for Pork Ramen meal, my experience this time was much better than before. It wasn't overly salty and could taste the pork flavor. Unlike other ramen broths, this wasn't completely saturated in oil/fats (like Kyouka ramen) Having been served with the thicker noodles, I was pleased with these noodles. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it much with the original thin noodles.

Would I come back again? Probably if I want some quick ramen for lunch.

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Finally a kinton bowler again (lost my other card...)

Name:Kinton Ramen
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Japanese Ramen
Address:505 Hwy 7 East, Unit #54-58 Thornhill, ON L3T 7P6 Hwy 7 Unit #54-58, Thornhill, ON L3T 7P6
Phone:(905) 597-8775
Menu URL:

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