Good Eats 2016 Toronto

4:38:00 PM

Some friends and colleagues were asking me about the best recommendations for good eats in Toronto.

Here are some of my thoughts on places that were memorable in no specific order for 2016:

  • Qin Tang Taste - authentic northwestern Chinese cuisine - the signature ribbon noodle dishes are  full of flavour and delicious
  • Gyubee - this AYCE Japanese BBQ - definitely pricey for what you get but the meat quality exceeds any other place in AYCE bbq restaurants 
  • Adrak - very pricey but serves the best tasting Indian food in a fine dining establishment
  • Adamson Barbecue - no frills lunch spot served in a warehouse area with Texas-style meat sold by the lbs
  • Toshi Ryoriten - one of the best places for fresh quality sushi 
  • Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant - over the top meal presentations (Instagram quality) with focus on lobster mountain dishes

The meat burger from Qin Tang Taste

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