Eggsperment for Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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I have been cooking many boiled eggs for the children in the morning since their birth. In my zombie states during the morning, I have been cooking on average 3 hard-boiled eggs a day for a couple months. I probably went through about 300+ Costco Organic eggs (box of 18 eggs from Canada Costco cost about $10). I have a beef with some of the cooking websites that give you instructions about "Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs." Some of them are wrong in advice for cooking them including ChowHound and Martha Steward.

  • Cold Start vs Hot Start Boiling
    • There is a huge difference between cooking the eggs in a cold start vs hot start. I found that cold start (putting the eggs in cold water and bring up to boil) resulted in fewer chances of getting the egg shell sticking onto the egg. Peeling with an egg stuck to shell kills the presentation of the egg. Additionally, you would have to start fishing for the egg whites on the shells. By cooking the eggs with hot water, the outer shell with the egg whites would form a cooked surface allowing for easier peeling
  • Freshness of the Eggs
    • I didn't control this factor in my experiment since all the eggs were purchased from Costco. Sometimes, you might find an air pocket within the boiled egg. Why is that? Air sack from the air being drawn through the porous shell of the egg and gets bigger as the egg ages. If you can buy fresh eggs, you can avoid this problem. 

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