Hot Pot Lunch at Spicy Mafia (Markham, Ontario)

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Update: 5/16/2017 - this place is CLOSED!

Well, winter is unfortunately here in Canada. For us snow Mexicans, we usually crave something hot/warm to eat during the frosty time periods. My colleague and I were pondering of such a meal and where to find. From the massive online Instagram advertising, I noticed a few hundred "foodie instagramers" getting a free meal at the Moral's owned business launch of "Spicy Mafia".

I was naturally curious about trying out the place and convinced my colleague to head here for our weekly food adventure.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: December 2016
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

First thing, the parking in this plaza was total failure for drivers. You probably got like 3-4 restaurants with very limited spaces. It was like playing survivor in the parking lot on boxing day. The restaurant was located right beside Chatime. You wouldn't find it if you were driving around the parking lot.  Within the restaurant, I would say there were limited seating (~ 30 people) and not ideal for large groups. There was this huge artistic mural but didn't understand it's relevance to the restaurant. Other than the mural, I loved the high ceilings and clean decor inside.

The staff were nice and very detailed in their long discussion on how to order. Their menu was overly complicated and probably took 5 minutes for her to explain all the options.

The food was basically hot pot but with your individual heating element. You get to pick a free selection from the 1 staple food, 1 meat, 2 dipping sauces and misc toppings.

I ordered the soup base ($12.99) with Chinese Angelica Soup Base (Chinese Soup Base with Herbal elements) with Ceritied Angus Beef Slices with Housemade Sesame Sauce and Chopped Garlic Soaked in Oil.You can order additional toppings but at an extra cost.

Overall, the meal was good but very pricey for a lunch meal especially given the range of restaurants in the Markham, Richmond Hill area.

Would I come back? No - I would prefer to spend a little extra money to get the AYCE selection. I really like meat but they provided only 4 meat pieces ... The table was small and became very clutter once you have all the dishes on your table. Lastly, I love having a wide range of dipping sauces and didn't like the fact you had to pay extra for more.

There was a 20% discount if you had tag Spicy Mafia on your social media links.

Food Photos:

Free toppings (only one time): SPAM meat, Crab Meat, HK Style red sauage, whole shrimp, tofu, napa cabbage, lotus root, sweet corn, seaweed, enoki
not much free room on the table

Saw some other foodie pictures and they gave me less compared to them ...

Needed some herbal soup to keep me "strong" with the kids

Limited dipping sauces

Non Food Photos:

don't get the mural...
Name:Spicy Mafia
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:individual Chinese hot pot
Address:111a-20 Gibson Dr, Markham, ON L3R 3K7
Phone:(905) 604-5082
Menu URL:

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