Eating Large Lunch at Adrak (Richmond Hill)

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For this blog posting, I had a business meeting to discuss a couple outstanding items. One of the lunch requirements was to have a vegetarian option. I decided that it was best to host the meeting at the Indian restaurant "Adrak" since Chinese restaurants would be a poor choice for vegetarians ...

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: November 2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

Since I came here before - you can refer to this page -

The staff were very helpful and sociable. We talked a lot of "chips", technologies and future life goals.
In regards to the food, the staff were very accommodating in my request for the off the menu thali dish that I have been aiming to try.

We ordered a lot of food for this meeting. We got the following dishes: 

  • Vegetarian Samosas ($10)
  • Cumin Lamb Chops ($32)
  • Non-Vegetarian Thali ($17)
  • Pakora ($9)
  • Dal Panj ($15)
  • Malai Kofta ($16)
  • Roti ($3 each)
  • Garlic Naan ($4 each)
  • Biryani ($16)
  • Pistachio Kulfi ($9)

Overall, all the dishes were above average to amazing. I didn't have a negative experience with the flavours of the dishes.

The cumin lamb chops were outstanding for flavour and texture. The meat just melted easily in your mouth with the right balance of salt and cumin flavours. The pakora (potatoe like fritter) and samosas were good and not over fried. I have never tried the dal panj and malai kofta before. The dal panj was a very strong lentils dishes that could be consume as a dip or a soup. The restaurant style malai kofta gravy was smooth, creamy and rich. The biryani rice was very flavourful with some spicy element with the distinct rice flavours (created from the clay pots). 

Regarding the special off the menu thali dish, this Thali was a composite and wholesome meal which included a combinations of various delicious dishes served on a single plate. You have small bowls of yogurt, lentil sauces, sweet carrot pudding, etc. Rice and Naan was included with some tandoori chicken.

Lastly, we ordered the pistachio kulfi for dessert. Kulfi has similarities to North American ice cream in appearance and taste; however it was denser and creamier. After this meal, I don't think that I would go back to normal ice cream.

In conclusion, I definitely would come back despite the pricing.

Food Photos:
Loved the Non Veg Thali - gives you a sampler taste of different flavours
Special Briyani made in the claypot which give it an extra flavour profile

Kulfi was very good but so pricey!

Garlic Naan was great

Malai Kofta

Dal Panj

Pakora snack was tasty

Veg Samosas

Lamb Chops - it was the best

Non Food Photos:

Price Range:$$$$
Address:15 Wertheim Ct, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3H7
Phone:(905) 889-8000


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