Eating Pho at Pho Hung (Downtown Toronto - Chinatown)

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As manager for my engineering team, we often hire co-op students on 16 month terms at my workplace. We were interview a bunch of potential students (3rd year students) at University of Toronto (UT). For lunch visit, my colleague and I decided to revisit my favorite pho restaurant in Chinatown that I frequented often during my undergraduate years at UT. This will be the first time writing about Pho Hung on my food blog.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: November 2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3/5

Located down in Chinatown with steps away from the Kensington market, Pho Hung restaurant was located at the corner intersection on Spadina. This place started back in 1985 and still busy till this day! 
The decor has not changed at all. There are simple chairs and tables scatter in two sections of the restaurant (one part is the extension while the other was the original part of the restaurant). The walls had Asian artworks with some taxidermy fishes (marlin and pike).

The staff were really fast and efficient. The menu order was very self explanatory as well.

My colleague ordered the pho dish and found it slightly oily. However, he commented that this was better than the one at Nam restaurant. 

I always loved ordering the bun dish here especially during my university years. The dish still hasn't changed from 11 years ago since my last visit! The bun came with grilled pork, spiced grilled pork roll, spring roll, shredded pork with vermicelli and vegetables. They provided a large bottle of the special sweet and sour fish sauce that goes with this dish. In hindsight comparison, I still prefer the Pho Metro version of the Bun dish due to the intense flavours of the grilled meats. However, as a student, this pho restaurant was definitely the best in proximity to campus.

Overall, I loved this place; it has remained consistent over the years. This place would be next favorite pho place downtown.

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Durian Smoothie!!! So good - got brain freeze

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Name:Pho Hung
Price Range:$
Address:350 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G4
Phone:(416) 593-4274
Menu URL:

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