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I had organized a dutch team lunch; however, we didn't agreed on a location. We were totally conflicted with "Rawlicious" and "Izakaya Tsuki". One new requirement was that we had to be back before 1pm due to an internal meeting. I recalled that there was a pho restaurant up north on Leslie street beside "Fresh Burger" and thought it was worth checking out. Got agreement with most of the team and off we went for our lunch adventure.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: October 2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

The restaurant actually looked larger inside than from the outside of the building. They have been open for about 6 months already. There was a lot of open ceiling height. The chairs were metallic. The  wood table top looked rustic with stylish metal legs. One side of the wall had an interesting multi page cartoon artwork piece. Overall, the atmosphere was unique for a viet restaurant...

The staff were definitely Vietnamese and were helpful in getting our orders as well as getting separate bills. They were pleasant and attentive.

On the menus, there was an array of Vietnamese food options. Various colleagues got pad Thai, grilled pork chop with rice and pho. For this visit, I ordered the pho with the various meat options.

Regarding the taste and quality, the beef pho was decent (nothing out of the ordinary), and I found the broth a little salty for my taste. The noodles were spot on to my preference. My rare beef was already cooked by the time it arrived at table while my coworker's version was still rare.

Overall, the general consensus was that the food was above average and I would have to agree. It was very rare to find a decent pho restaurant in Richmond Hill and Nam was one of them.

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Name:Nam Vietnamese Restaurant
Price Range:$
Address:9206 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2N8
Phone:(905) 763-3888
Menu URL:

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