Eating Lunch At South China Noodles Delight (Scarborough)

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This restaurant was highly recommended by another foodie on the Foodie Facebook group. I had visited this plaza a few times but never tried this restaurant! For this lunch journey, I was determined to try out this place for lunch.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: November 2016
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service Rating: 3/5

The "South China Noodles Delight" restaurant was located at a small plaza just 1-2 blocks north of Midland and Finch area. The parking in this plaza was notoriously tight. There was actually more spacious parking in the backside of the plaza ...

I wouldn't expect too much of the decor from this place. There were simple wooden chairs and tables with a clean table top. The floors were a slightly different story. There was no ac/heat as they just left the front doors opened. I was surprised to find the restaurant packed on the weekend for lunch.

The staff were Cantonese speaking. They were friendly and fast with orders.

From the social mentions, the Ox Offals vermicelli in soup ($8) was the signature dish to try. My SO decided to get the Ox Brisket Vermicelli ($8) in Soup as well. I normally adore eating tofu & egg dish - So we order that as well ($5).

The tofu and egg dish was a complete disappointment. There were like no flavours to the tofu and the egg was just a poor version of the tea egg. The only positive of the egg was the skin colouring from the soaking.

The ox offal was cooked well with a very deep rich broth. I normally avoid the ox offals in the past but this dish was surprising good. The flavours of the broth were soaked into varieties of meats. The brisket vermicelli was a so so dish. The broth was surprising less intense and lacking in any flavour.

Would I come back? Probably. We had observed other tables ordering fried pork chops and would like to try these out.

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Name:South China Noodles Delight
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Chinese and Noodles
Address:3380 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1V 5B5
Phone:(416) 293-1880
Menu URL:

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