Eating Lunch At Qin Tang Taste (Scarbourough)

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Found a place on Instagram and it was potentially interesting called "Qin Tang Taste" in Scarborough area. It replaced an unlucky corner place that used to be a Japanese maid cafe in the past years... It was kind of cold that day and wanted something hot/warm for the meal.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: November 2016
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Service Rating: 3/5

The decor was very simple with Chinese hanging paper lanterns along the ceiling. The atmosphere seemed semi cold with the white table tops with the pure black metal chairs. The entrance was very tight since they added a booth table near the opening. I had a hard time getting a stroller into the restaurant.

The servers were helpful and mostly understood Mandarin.  It was a good thing that the paper menu had lots of English translation. We had one of the server for recommendation and suggested that we order two bowls of noodles.

The foods found on them menu are mostly Shanxi (northern western) region dishes from China. 

We ordered the following dishes:
-biang biang hand-slapped and pulled ribbon noodle
-house special shanxi cold noodles
-grilled lamb skewers (4 per order)
-hand-slapped and pulled ribbon noodle with house made sauce
-House made shanxi style pork burger

The grilled lamb meat was juicy and soft and not too overpowering with the cumin spices. I saw many people getting this tamarisk wood skewers with the lamb meat - will try this next time. Not sure what kind of flavour this would leave with the lamb.

The pork burger was actually very good with softness and fatness of the meat. They were kind enough to cut the burger in half for us.

The shanxi cold noodles were perfect copies of the versions that I had in China (street vendors). You get the mixture of cold noodles with the cold vegs and a contrasting heat from the hot sauce oil.
Regarding the dishes, the portions were actually big especially the noodle. The pulled ribbon noodles dishes were surprisingly delicious. The sauces coated the noodles really well to absorb the flavours. The texture of noodles were just a little chewy (to my liking). The restaurant had recommended these two ribbon noodle dishes. However, the house made sauce versions was the homerun dish. The flavour of the broth was very complex with the hint of spiciness, tomato sweetness and beef.

By 3-4 pm, this place was still so busy! Definitely would come back again to try other dishes.

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Name:Qin Tang Taste
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Chinese (northern China)

1883 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, ON M1V 5M3
Scarborough, Milliken
Phone:(647) 925-1788
Menu URL:

Qin Tang Taste Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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