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For the longest time, I haven't been to Captain's Boil restaurant. My fellow foodie, Richie Bear (instagram account), brought the attention of this restaurant to me in November 2015.  This restaurant concept was to boil your seafood (any type of seafood minus fish) mixed with sauces/spices and eat using your hands. With the timing of the pregnancy back then and seafood diets, we avoided the restaurant patiently for months. From the grand opening to present day (Oct 2016), there were many seafood boil restaurants popping across Toronto. There was a new Captain's Boil to be opened on Hwy #7 and Leslie area.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: October 2016
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

I decided to visit the original Captain's Boil location (North York) since this was where it all started. The restaurant was unable to do a 6 seat reservations in advance. We had to wait at the door/outside for about 15-20 minutes. Once in, there were booth seating everywhere (packed with customers). The restaurant layout wasn't large but it was designed like an alleyway with booth seating flaking left and right.

Once we had decided on what to order, the staff were quick to take the order via their iPad devices. We noticed that there were lime wedges and weren't offer any for our meals.

This restaurant featured seafood that was made via boiling — a typical way of dining on seafood in the US (Louisiana region) using Cajun tastes and flavours.  We selected an array of seafood items for them to boil with different settings for sauces and spice levels.

The seafood options available were: crayfish, lobster, dungeness crab, king crab legs, mussels shrimp, or clams. Oysters were available on the side (freshly opened). The crayfish was not available at this time :(  There were 4 flavours available to pick from: Cajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Sauce, or Captain’s Boil — mixture of all three flavours). We had selected garlic sauce due to our spiciness restriction. The Cajun Cajun and Captain Boil sauces were supposedly hot. Lastly, there were four level of Heat: Non Spicy, Mild, Medium, or Fire. For our meal, we picked neutral level.

We had order the complete rainbow of seafood items available (minus the clams and oysters). The servers came out with the food in hot plastic bags. The expectation was for you to eat with your hands since no utensils or plates are given.  Plastic gloves and adult bibs were provided. The plastic gloves became useless if the seafood puncture a hole in the gloves while eating.

Eating this meal was like becoming a baby and toddler again (like my kids ...). We truly made a mess since you dump the shells on table in a organized chaotic manner. Any formality in eating manners went out the window when eating at this restaurant.

Regarding the food quality and taste, we had order some extra sides with the seafood. The corn cob for $1 was actually half a corn. I felt like this was totally overcooked. We had order the Cajun fries and Cajun seafood fried rice. Even though they were both spicy, I liked the overall taste and texture of these dishes (to my surprise). The seafood boils were on average decent to good. I thought they were going to be over cooked but weren't.

Overall, the food and experience was enjoyable for dinner. As for the cost, it was expensive since the seafood were all priced per lb for the boils. With so many customers and many locations across Toronto (including other competing seafood boil restaurants), this establishment was definitely here to stay.

Special thanks to my super foodies fans for treating my family to a meal!

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Name:Captain's Boil
Price Range:$$$
Cuisine:Cajun Seafood Boil with Sauce/Spice
Address:5313 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5R4
Phone:(647) 348-7808
Menu URL:

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