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I found a place on Instagram that was very interesting with their Gandalf hat for cooking/steaming. I crossed checked with various foodie websites and there were really mixed reviews. I decided that it was probably worth checking out. For this foodie trip, we went to visit "Yunnan Steam Fish Pot Restaurant".

On the journey there, my wife and I were discussing how poor we were as students. When she was an university student back in the earlier years, my wife never ate out at a restaurant years. Once she graduated and found a job, she had treated her mom out to a simple Korean restaurant as a gift. This restaurant outing was like the biggest event in her life post university.

As for my university days, I remember splurging a lot on pho, spring rolls and smoothies in downtown Chinatown when my class schedule permitted the trek ...

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: October 16, 2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

Yunnan Steam Fish Pot Restaurant was a new restaurant that has been opened for about 6 months. They had a mixture of booth seating with mixed tables and chairs. One side of the wall had mirrors which made the place look larger/brighter. In the middle of each table had the special clay hot pot device with steam nozzle.

The servers were friendly and kind. They played a lot with our baby and spoke mostly Cantonese and Mandarin. Very limited English available. The restaurant was about half full for lunch. Please note that this place doesn't take reservations - so first come - first serve.

From the reviews and recommendations, the steam fish was the signature dish to get from this restaurant. They sold the sea bass for about $27 / lb. We had requested one pound and they said they had only 2lb sizes and up. By this point the fish was to cost about $60 and knew it wasn't going to be a cheap meal for lunch ... we order a couple of side hotpot dishes to throw into the pot (vegs, greens, tofu, noodles) and also got a cold side dish (garlic spared pork ribs). This cold side dish doesn't require any cooking and was delicious with the sweet and vinegary flavours.

Sauce station was available at the back of the restaurant to make your hot pot dips. A lot of the sauces were mostly northern Chinese style influences (more savory/salty than sweet).

At every table in the restaurant, there was a large clay pot cooker with bamboo cone cover which I called Gandalf's hat. There was a nozzle piece at the base of the cooker where hot steam comes out once activated. At the beginning, the staff would turn on the cooker and clean the pot with the steam (video found here).  Once the cleaning was done, the staff would put the fish with the soup broth ingredients for cooking. After 4 minutes, we got to eat the fish and drink the fish broth. This broth was out of this world. I totally disliked fish broths in general but this was the first time that I had such an amazing fish broth. Once we consumed most of the fish, the staff came over and added the hot pot ingredients for cooking with some more water and steam again (with Gandalf's hat on).

In regards to food quality, the fish and broth were incredible in taste and purity. For those who are health conscious, this was 100% healthy cooking with no oil being added at all.

The only downside to this restaurant was the cost!

Can you imagine spending almost $100 dollars for a lunch time meal for 2? I was so glad that we weren't poor students anymore ... The restaurant was able to provide a "cash" discount down to $90 dollars.

In summary, if you had unlimited budget, I would definitely recommend coming here for the food. If not, I would suggest you get a larger group of friends to help split the bill for the steam bass dish.

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Name:Yunnan Steam Fish Restaurant
Price Range:$$$
Cuisine:Yunnan style hotpot and Steam Fish
Address:3280 Midland Ave #21, Scarborough, ON M1V 0C7
Phone:(416) 292-7666
Menu URL:

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