Eating @ Perfect Chinese Restaurant (Dim Sum Lunch)

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Today, we had completely wasted our weekend day with a medical situation. Time went quickly and we somehow ended up in the Scarborough area. My wife wanted to try a new restaurant (that we haven't been to) and I found this place from a few Toronto "foodie" blogs .........

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 10/2/2016
Food Rating: 3/5
Service Rating: 3/5

We arrived around lunch time and this place was packed. The restaurant had two large wing sections for hosting diners. The decor looked kind of modern but the tables and plates appeared old fashion with the plastic white table cloths.

The entrance and drink counter was just overfilled with people for dim sum lunch. The staff said to wait for about 30 minutes to get a table ... We waited and waited ... Got a table eventually 1.5 hours later!  Other than that, the servers were able to respond to my requests for water and stuff.

Once I sat down, I started to understand why this restaurant was so popular. The pricing for dim sum was on average $2 with a maximum for $3 for a large. It was very rare to see these kind of prices in 2016 in Toronto. In addition, this is like one of the few places in Toronto that offered push cart. Just a reminder, you had to pay attention to where the carts were moving and what names were being called out. If you weren't familiar with the Cantonese names being called out, you could always just go up to the cart and start peeking at the steam containers.

After waiting 1.5 hours, we were really hungry and ordered a flurry of dim sum dishes. We tried a variety of dishes (can see some photos below). We knew that our budget wouldn't explode eating here.

Overall, the taste value was below to just average for a couple dim sum dishes.  I personally wouldn't have waited 1+ hours for a table but some people would disagree with me given this pricing. You just have to try it once to judge for yourself.

Food Photos:

the haw gow shrimp skin was horrible and sticky

very average dish for siu mai

this almond dessert was good

Non Food Photos:
long lines on the right hand side

24 hours restaurant!!

Name:Perfect Chinese Restaurant
Price Range:$
Cuisine:Chinese Dim Sum
Address:4386 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 1T8
Menu URL:
Tuesday24 HOURS OPEN
Wednesday24 HOURS OPEN
Thursday24 HOURS OPEN
Saturday24 HOURS OPEN

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