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Today was another work day. By some chance, my lunch meeting got cancelled and was available to seek out new foods around the area. On Instagram universe a few weeks ago, there was a media launch (free food to a few instagram foodies) of this new restaurant in the Warden and Steele area. This restaurant, Oriental Rice Noodle House, replaced the Menchie ice cream shop at the corner (definitely not a good idea to open an ice cream shop in Canada given the colder climates).                  

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 10/7/2016
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service Rating: 3/5

My colleague was able to secure a table for us while we were driving to this restaurant. He had to wait about 10-15 minutes and the place was really busy for a friday lunch. The decor was totally different from the previous place (Menchie). There was like a modern style funk chinese art look with the wooden tables and chairs. More photos can be found at the bottom of this blog. 

Servers were quick to deliver their foods and provide extra napkins and cold water. The menu was very simple to follow and order. 

The food served in this restaurant was all Yunnan rice noodle. Here is some background from Wiki: Crossing-the-bridge noodles is a rice noodle soup from Yunnan province, China. It is one of the most well-known dishes in Yunnan cuisine. The dish is served with a large bowl of boiling hot broth and the soup ingredients. These ingredients are separated. The soup ingredients are served on a cutting board or plate and include raw vegetables and lightly cooked meats. Common ingredients include thin slices of turkey, chunks of chicken, chicken skin, strips of bean curd sheets, chives, sprouts and rice noodles. Once added into the broth, it cooks quickly with a layer of schmaltz and oil glistening on top. The soup takes a few minutes to cook, and it is then spooned out into small bowls.

Claims of Origins (I like this story):
One story that has gained traction[1] begins with a scholar who was studying hard for his imperial exams on a small island. His wife, who would bring him food, found that by the time she had crossed the bridge to the island the soup would be cold and the noodles were soggy. She then decided to load a large earthen pot with boiling broth with a layer of oil on top that would act as insulation and keep the broth warm. The noodles and other ingredients were kept in separate container, and when she arrived, she mixed the two containers together for a warm soup.

Coming back to the food, everyone at the table had order extra beef pieces. By coincidence, we decided to order the original soup special dish too. The food items came first with it had some with some meat. Viet Bun (special guest blogger) had noted that he had received less meat compared to the rest of us. The boiling soup came in a large clay hot pot (be-careful) and we were surprised to find more meat pieces inside.  Ultimately, we took every food item and dump it into the soup. I slowly added more rice noodles into the soup as I was finishing them. Apparently, you can order request more rice noodles for free ... but this portion was so huge already.

In the end, we found the meal to be very filling and above average. If you want to try, suggestion to come early before the lunch rush. Please note that there is another Yunnan style restaurant at Finch and Leslie as well.

Food Photos:

the 10 assorted ingredients to dump into your soup for flavouring

Viet Bun was not happy with the beef portions

unlimited rice noodles

very hot clay pot

hot bowl

Non Food Photos:
entrance to restaurant

cool wall art

their full menu

busy lunch!!

Name:Oriental Rice Noodle House
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Yunnan style rice noodles
Address:7060 Warden Ave c1, Markham, ON L3R 5V1
Phone:(905) 604-1258
Menu URL:

Oriental Rice Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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