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For this awesome foodie lunch adventure, I got this recommendation from long time Toronto foodie Charles Yu. There was a long post about pho recommendations in Toronto. Having tried many existing restaurants in the Markham and Richmond Hill area, I thought that it might be worth driving a little out of the way to try out this restaurant, Pho Tai Bac. I rounded up my foodie colleague group and off we went in search of grub.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: October 2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3/5

The roads around the plaza was under construction. Finding an entrance was a little challenging for this visit. The pho restaurant was hidden in one of the sides of the plaza. We came just right at 12pm and found the restaurant completely empty. Once 10-15 minutes passed, the restaurant was completely filled up! I wouldn't expect too much for decor here. The tables and chairs were simple with tile flooring. Their checkout counter was just overfilling with an unique assortment of Asian decorations.

There was a single woman maintaining the front end of the restaurant. She was quick and helpful in providing the menus and collecting our orders.

For this visit, my colleagues and I decided to all order pho (each with different variants). I decided to order the version that had a bit of every thing through in (Pho Dac Biet). This had the rare beef, well done flank, brisket, soft tendon, beef tripe & beef balls. Judging from the staff and contents of the menu, this restaurant was vietnamese operated.

We waited only a couple minutes and our hot bowls of pho were delivered to our tables. I was craving something Caribbean and decided to order the coconut smoothie. The smoothie drink was tasty with small chunks of coconut meat.

Comparing the pho dishes to many of the other pho restaurants in Toronto, the pho quality was outstanding. The meats and noodles were cooked perfectly. However, the soup broth was on a totally different level. I had never had a more fragrant soup broth in Toronto. I was kind of surprised to see red onions used in the broth since I had traditionally seen white onions.

Regarding the portions, I think other pho restaurants provided more noodles than what I got. 

Overall, this place was kind of far for me but it was worth the drive to have this hearty bowl of Vietnamese pho noodle on a cold day.

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Name:Pho Tai Bac
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Address:9555 Yonge Street. Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9M5
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