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My wife, baby and I were out shopping at during this weekend to restock up on supplies from Costco. We were thinking of doing dim sum at our wedding restaurant area. However, I also discovered that my wife's flavour tofu restaurant, Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu, had a place in the same plaza!

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 10/22/2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3/5

We found this restaurant in the corner of the plaza that has glass shelter in the walkway paths. This restaurant was existed for about 6 months in the area. The place was definitely slightly larger than the location on Yonge Street. There was many booth seating around and regular tables and chairs in the middle. Even thou we arrived at 1:30 pm, the restaurant was very busy and could tell that there weren't enough staff to maintain the front lines with the dirty tables and clean up. We probably waited 10 minutes at the entrance before we would get a clean table.

The staff were all Korean but understood my requests for water and extra banchan dishes. The front end of the restaurant definitely needed more staff as there were many dirty dishes and tables lying around.

This restaurant offered the Gamjatang (pork bone soup). Having tried the tofu dishes from the other location, we decided to order the Combination Soon Tofu and pork bone. With the dishes, you can select your "heat" options. 

The dishes came within 10 minutes. They also provided 4 banchan side dishes: sweet soy beans, bean sprouts, pickled daikon with heat and kimchi. The sweet soy beans were very disappointing with the rock like texture ...

The pork bone meat came off the bones easily and the broth was wonderfully balanced with flavours with the spices and pork. They also provided the stone bowls with the purple rice scoped out. They did add water into the stone bowls to allow customers to eat the rice similar to congee texture.  The tofu broth dish was delicious and well in the seafood flavours.

Overall, the food was very good (except the soy beans). I would prefer this Korean restaurant given the options in the Richmond Hill, Markham area.

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Name:Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (Richmond Hill)
Price Range:$$
Address:9019 Bayview Ave #15, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3M6
Phone:(905) 771-8866
Menu URL:

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