Eating @ Gyubee AYCE Dinner (Markham)

5:12:00 PM

This was from my first visit to Gyubee.

As not many people were aware of, I had the opportunity to organize a large department/team dinner. With many good restaurant options in Markham and Richmond Hill, "Gyubee" restaurant was decided as the place for dinner (All You Can Eat style).

Food Photos And Comments:

Once we were seated, the staff noticed that we had EXACTLY 2 hours to execute (order and consume) our meals. We ordered fast and quickly at the beginning and just finished exactly under 2 hours.

Overall, the ingredients were of very good quality and the staff were constantly checking with us for any new orders/requests. With our large party, we were charged a fixed service fee of 12% on top of our bill.

Unfortunately, they do not accept credit cards and I footed the entire bill via debt card.

Would I come back? Yes

the Bibimbap side dish was pretty good with the egg and hot paste sauce

order the assortment of pork slices

The beef items were the most popular orders for our tables - look at the marble!!

my co-op students loved the seafood selections

Sides of kim chi and bean sprouts

Ordering more beef dishes

This is the sweet potatoe vegetable - you put the entire thing on the burner

cold tofu was okay

the co-op cooked for me :)

you only get 1 Melona bar per person for the end of the meal!

The Creme Brulee was pretty good and my team ordered more

Cold noodle side dish was alright

Non Food Photos:
Entrance to restaurant

Dinner AYCE Menu

Back end of the restaurant

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