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For this day, I didn't make any lunch plans and had a couple meetings schedule for the work day. Lucky, many of the meetings got cancelled around lunch time. I found a colleague who was interested in trying Crab Harbour on Hwy 7. We went at lunch time and it was a ghost town... Not a single staff or customer in sight ... We decided to try this new Goubuli restaurant that replaced the (Chingu BBQ) Korean restaurant. It had more potential since there were customers eating inside.
Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 9/20/2016
Food Rating:4/5
Service Rating:4/5

If you had been to Yu Seafood before, the decor inside this restaurant was very similar. They had marble table tops with these modern stylish gray, wood chairs. The surrounding areas had decorations of the light japanese element wood theme. I was surprised to find a 2nd floor level in this establishment as well with a green wall garden on the east side.

The service was exceptional. They were point us to our table and asked us which tea bags to serve. They provided suggestions on how to order the buns (single vs set of 8) and which dishes popular/preferred.

Goubuli is a very famous brand for stuffed baozi from Tianjin, China. Founded in 1858, it is known as one of China's longest established brands. I believed this location to the first location in Canada. Having tried my in-laws baos and tried the original ones in Tianjin just recently, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

For the drink options, we were offered fresh tea leaves to drink with our meal. I recalled seeing green tea and black tea option. We selected the green tea and it was amazing in quality with the subtle but strong flavour.

At first glance on the menu, the dishes are very expensive with prices ranging from $10 and up. The signature baos/buns were actually marked down from the original print price. The buns averaged about $2 a piece and cheaper if you get the set of 8. We had ordered the following versions (they had markers on the buns to help distinguish)

  • Traditional Pork Bun (Ground Pork, Green Onion)  
    • no dots marker
  • Steamed Bun Stuffed with Shredded Seafood
    •  1 red dot marker
  • Steamed Bun Stuffed with Shredded Lobster Meat, Shrimp and Chive
    •  2 red dot marker
  • Tianjin Style Vegetable Steamed Bun (Chinese Chive, Scrambled Egg, Dried Shrimp, Clear Noodle)
    • 1 green dot marker
In my opinion, a great baos/bun is the combination of filling, texture of the bun and thickness of the bun. I prefer a thin dough bun with very soft and fluffy texture and a juicy inner filling (sounds like a xiao long bao). From this meal, the traditional pork bun and bun with lobster meat were good tasting. The pork bun was very juicy and flavourful. The lobster bun was definitely hitting all the flavour notes of fresh lobster and shrimp. Overall, the buns were definitely authentic to Tianjin style.
At the end of the meal, we were still hungry and ordered a sweet and sour soup dish. The food flavours were spot on match with Tianjin but everything was so expensive compared to what other restaurants in the area have to offer ...

Would I come back? Maybe only for special occasions.

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Name:Goubuli (Gou Bu Li)
Price Range:$$
Cuisine:Tianjin Style
Address:280 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B1 - Unit 35
Menu URL:

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