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I had a special relative in town and wanted to bring him to a special Chinese lobster restaurant. He agreed with the lobster theme choice. I was debating for a while about which popular lobster establishments to eat at(e.g. Yu Seafood, Fisherman Wharf, ...). Eventually, I settled on Fishman Lobster Clubhouse for dinner. It was surprising packed for a Tuesday night and they said that we could probably get a patio seating. Once we have arrived at the restaurant, we were so lucky to get a table! Even thou I lived in Toronto my whole life, this was the second time visiting this restaurant.

Reviewer:Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 9/20/2016
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Service Rating: 3/5

The shape of the restaurant was very interesting. It looks almost octagon in layout with the sides surrounded with massive seafood tanks of eel, lobsters, crab and fish.  It was really impressive with the amount of live seafood in storage. The hall ceiling heights made the place seem more spacious. The tables were covered with purple silky cloth with plates and utensils. There was a box of plastic gloves available on the table. We came on a Tuesday evening and it was packed ... Can you imagine what happens on the weekend? (must do reservations)

Servers were very attentive at the start. They rushed to help decide which meal/option/set you would like to order. After that, it was difficult to flag them. At one point, I was carrying my child around to sooth her and they accidentally dump ice cubes on my legs ... no sorry ...

The menu at Fishman consisted of set meals and a la carte items, with the set meals being a much better value. Each set included lobster, king crab, or both at a minimum weight and cooked in a few ways. We had decided on the King Crab & Lobster Dinner (for 4) for $298 + tax + tip.

This dinner option included:

  • Special Daily Soup 
  • King Crab (6lb) in 3 Courses:
    • Steamed Crab meat with Egg Whites and Salted Egg Yolk
    • Fried Crab Leg with Dry Garlic
    • Fried Rice in Crab Shell
  • Lobster in Hong Kong Style (4.5 lb)
  • Poach Snow Pea Tips with Goji Berry
  • Black Sesame Soup Dessert (provided at end of meal and not listed on menu)
At the start of the meal, the staff brought the live seafood animals to your table for photo taking and approvals.

The daily soup was savoury and simple using black chicken as the main protein. The fried rice was pretty good and it seemed like the crab shell was used just for decoration. The poach snow pea greens dish was perfect - not too oily or over season.

I liked the steam crab meat with egg whites and salted egg yolk. It gave a different style/flavour profile to eating king crab closer to it's natural form. When mixed with the fried rice, it was very delightful.

The highlight of the meal was the King Crab and Lobster mountain dishes.  Both lobsters and crab were cut into parts and opened up for easy access. The lobster and crab parts were lightly battered and fried. The seafood meat were incredibly juicy and tendor as a result of the frying. The lobster style had a slight spicy element while the crab leg mountain had none. These dishes were exceptional.

Overall, dinner at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse was an experience I would recommend to anyone who loves seafood. I liked how flexible the menu was and the quality of the seafood was fresh.

Food Photos:

Live Seafood Photos:
6lb crab

4.55 lb Lobster

Non Food Photos:

this was the calm before the storm

not eating you today

It was so busy for a Tuesday!!

Name:Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
Price Range:$$$$
Cuisine:Chinese Seafood Specialty
Address:680 Silver Star Blvd.
Phone:(416) 321-0250
Menu URL:

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